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Teen United International 2019-2020


From Colorado! You can Call me Future  Dr. Aubrey Pediatrician or NEO Natal nurse. But before I  make my dream a reality, I am a full time preschool teacher by day and a high school student by night. I recently attended Aurora Community Collage where I learned sign language to communicate with the hearing impaired. I've worked with Deca, Avid, Sports training and Football managing  have received many Academic awards and Eaglecrest Raptor awards.  I am actively involved in peer buddies where I can communicate and be a friend to special needs children. I am also a Teen ambassador for (IDA) Indivisible Disabilities Awareness. I have a passion for animals and the outdoors. I wear a crown to help make a difference in my community, State and world we live in. My Heart is full knowing that I can combine my passion for animal enrichment and special needs children, with therapeutic horse riding lessons in my local community. My favorite quote and life moto is" We may not have it all together, but together we have it all"

Ms. United International 2019-2021


With her Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and Master's Degree in teaching and Leadership. Laura has been in the education system for over 26 years. Her passion and platform involves raising money for various local and National organizations.  Focusing on bringing awareness to Breast cancer in honor of her mother and best friend. Both of which have been impacted by this terrible disease, She is using her title to work with different cancer organizations and events and well as inform and educate others about Breast Cancer. 

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Miss United International 2019-2020


I have a Masters in Social Work & BA in Psychology. I plan on using my title to unite people to come together & join forces. Advocating for justice. Being a voice for those who have none, and set an example to others by being a strong leader and motivating people of all ages to take positive action. Utilizing my creativity and education would be crucial to inform others on ways to preserve our resources to promote compassion, kindness and understanding, 

Noting we are all more alike then we are different. "If we all come together and make small changes in our lives we will make a great impact worldwide. We can change the environment we live in for the greater good of mankind by preserving our resources for future generations to come."

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Mrs. United International 2022