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Simple Entry Information

Miss Contestants Must be Natural born female, single, never married, never given birth must be the age of 18-30 at the time of State/National crowning.

Mrs. Entrant Must be Natural born female, Married and Living with Spouse. Minimum age of 18 No age Limit.




Contestants Entering Must be natural born female. Currently live; work, go to school in said Country they wish to hold a title and be able to make appearances in said Country. Never committed a Felony. (Military and immediate family member living in said Country is the only Exception)

  (No Height Requirement!) 

Judged Categories

Now Accepting Applications!

* Interview 25%

* Resort Wear / Swimwear 20%

* Evening Wear 20%

*Talent of 2 min. max or Red Carpet         Fashion Runway 20%

* Platform / Social Media 15%


      No Additional Wardrobe Fees!

Contact Us  if You Would Like to Be Interviewed for Your Regional or National Title!

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