Simple Entry Information

Mrs. Entrant Must be Married and Living with Spouse. Minimum age of 21. No age Limit.

Ms. Divorced or Widowed,Single. Not legally married with or with out children. Minimum age of 21. No age Limit. (This Division is for contestants whom don't qualify for our Miss Division and older.)

Miss Contestants Must be single, never married, never given birth. Must be the age of 18 - 30.


Teen Contestants Must be single, never married, never given birth. Must be the age of 15 -17.


Contestants Entering Must currently live; work, go to school in said State/Country they wish to hold a title and be able to make appearances in said State/Country. ( Military and immediate family member living in said State/Country is the only Exception)

More Divisions Coming Soon!  (No Height Requirement!) 

Judged Categories

* Interview 25%

* Resort Wear / Swimwear 20%

* Evening Wear 20%

*Talent of 2 min. max or Red Carpet         Fashion Runway 20%

* Platform / Social Media 15%


      No Additional Wardrobe Fees!

Contact Us  if You Would Like to Be Interviewed for Your State/Regional or National Title!


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